A Brief History

So this is the unknown iteration of this blog. The very first version of it was pre-2000 and was hosted on a server and was published using Blogger. Since then I have gone on to create The Weblog Review, the longest running blog site on the internet. I sold the website around 2009 which was one of the hardest websites to give up that I created.

In 2009 I created MMARecap.com as a place for me to write about MMA. What started off as a hobby soon turned into a full fledged job. I am proud to say that with the team I was able to assemble, we were the best place to read about MMA that happened in the greater Chicagoland area. The website is still online, but I shut the website down in 2013 when I realized that the amount of stress that it was giving me was taking away from not only the joy of watching an MMA fight, but my daily life as a parent.

In the many years of owning a blog, I have seen several different takes on what is and what isn’t a blog. They used to be personal outlets for people, much like a diary, and some still are. Then they shifted as people realized the issues that can come with making things so public. This blog has tried, and failed, to be a place for me to put thoughts to screen. Sometimes for others to read over, other times not so much. Without a proper focus, this blog serves no purpose. So with that said, it is time to take my two passions and write about them. Some stories will be my opinions on things, others will be more evergreen material for a blog. All of which will be my thoughts and my words.


My start into running came in 2006 when a friend of mine was visiting from out of town and asked me to go for a run with him. He had just completed a marathon and was telling me how great it was. We went for a run and for some strange reason I was hooked. I never got into the whole race thing, just used running as a way to drop weight. Come 2007 when my first child was born and soon my running stopped.

By 2011 I was running off and on, depending on my weight and what was going on in my life. But then I watched an episode of The Biggest Loser and it changed my life forever. Here were these overweight contestants and the coaches made them run a marathon. Yes the contestants had weeks to train for this marathon, but it was still a major accomplishment. My first thought was if they could do one, so could I.

I immediately went to work trying to figure out the best marathon to run and being the Disney freak I am, decided on Disney. In January of 2012, I successfully completed my first marathon. I swore I was only going to do one, but then I signed up for the Chicago marathon and followed that up with my first Goofy challenge (a half and a full marathon). By the time I had completed three marathons, I was hooked.

I want to say that it was February of 2013 when Disney announced a new challenge; the Dopey Challenge. This was to be four races in four days starting with a 5k, followed by a 10k, then a half and full marathon for a grand total of 48.6 miles. This was no easy feat and this was when I decided to take my running seriously. That summer I busted my butt and ran smarter and faster than ever. I was very trained for Dopey and ran a personal best for a marathon, successfully running faster than Oprah, even after running the three previous days.

Later in 2014, my best friend decided he was going to accomplish something crazy and complete an Ironman. I thought he was crazy for it, and I doubted his ability to cross that finish line in under 17 hours more than once. But he set the goal and he accomplished it. I was inspired and decided that I needed to take up triathlons as well. Again, I saw someone else do an impossible task and knew that I wanted to do it too.

In 2015 I have transitioned from running to triathlons. I have successfully completed three different triathlons and by the end of the year will have completed a fourth. Additionally by year’s end I will have run the Dopey Challenge in January, a 10 mile race, at least one if not two half marathons and maybe another smaller race or two. This blog will be focusing on my journey to racing Ironman in 2016.


One of the biggest drawbacks of writing about MMA as a job, was that it became less enjoyable to watch. Gone was the excitement of a great takedown or a battle of grappling. Instead was a lot of the same old, same old. Fewer fights were becoming memorable and even those that fans swear by as some of the greatest, are fuzzy for me to remember.

After shutting down MMARecap, I wanted to regain the passion I had as a fan. I started attending shows as a fan. I started trying to watch the fights without my “journalistic eye”. I sought to watch a fighter and figure out if he or she was going to be a big star. It took time, but my enjoyment of watching a fight on TV is back.

One thing that I have found that makes it enjoyable is betting on fights and seeing how good I am at predicting a fight. There are times when I get caught up in hype and I have to remind myself to be careful of that. I have found a website that lets me keep track of my bets for free and will tell me how good, or bad I am doing. If and when I discover I have a good enough prediction rate, I will be sending that link out. But for now, this blog is going to focus on amazing fights and my sometimes very bad betting predictions.