UFC 191 Betting Predictions

UFC 191 is going down on Labor Day Weekend and it is going to be a fun card. Personally I am a fan of the little guys and this event is headlined by the two best in the flyweight division. Then you back that up with a surprisingly great heavyweight fight, and what should be a knockout finish in light heavyweight and you have a good night of fights. Let’s get on to the predictions.

Draft Kings

This time instead of giving a lineup for Draft Kings I’m going to give you two fighters, one that should perform well and one that will likely eat up your salary dollars.  Let’s start with the one to avoid due to the high cost: Paige VanZant.  Don’t get me wrong, she is a huge favorite to win the fight, but she is also expensive.  On top of that, the women’s divisions tend to not have as many finishes as decisions and you have a recipe for a low point scoring high cost player.  So I’d stay away from her.  On the flip side, we need an underdog to pick due to the nature of the bet and I like John Dodson to score a bunch of points.  This fight is 5 rounds and as such both fighters will throw a lot of strikes.  Even if he doesn’t get the victory (which I think he will), Dodson is likely to score as many points as someone winning a 3 round decision.

Regular Betting

The first bet we are making is Andrei Arlovski over Frank Mir.  We are betting his money line which right now sits at -165, meaning to win $100 we must bet $165.  As such we are betting 2 units on Arlovski for a potential profit of 1.24 units.  This is a tough fight to predict due to how dangerous both fighters have looked, but Arlovski has looked slightly better of the two.  The other bet we are going with is John Dodson who is sitting at +400.  We are betting 1 unit on him to win 4 units.  This is a calculated risk on an underdog, solely based on their first fight which was close.  Dodson has the power factor and last time he dropped Johnson multiple times.

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