One Week Until Race Day

So today marks the one week until my next race.  Some people have a lot of races, for me this year, I purposefully raced less.  Next year will be even fewer though more costly.  Now is the time when I start to break things down and really prepare for my race ahead.

Typically starting on the Monday before a race, I will visit the race website and check out the course.  Even though most races are close, and I could go preview the course, I still like to know ahead of time what is where.  Some race websites are awesome and provide all sorts of details, whilst others barely provide any sort of information other than a brief description.

From there I look over the rules for the race.  Almost all races follow the same set of rules, regardless of triathlon or running.  Most triathlons follow the USAT rules and while I cannot tell you them by heart, I know the majority of the important ones so as to not get penalized.  The biggest of which can happen on the bike and each course has some variation on the no drafting and the line one must take.

Even though my packing list rarely changes other than the amount of fuel I bring with, I still need to evaluate what I am and am not bringing.  Some races I bring a change of clothes, others I bring my own liquid.  It all varies, and it is one of the few things I will go over multiple times before I leave for the race in the morning.

Finally as the week goes on, I will check the weather.  I learned the hard way what happens when you don’t dress for the right temperature.  It doesn’t make for a good experience.  And with triathlons, it can mean the difference between a wetsuit or not.  A heavy rain the night before can drop water temperatures by many degrees and make for a soggy ride.  The weather is one of the few factors I cannot control, but I train in almost every condition so I am prepared.

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