August 9th through 15th Training Results

It’s now Saturday, and that means it is time to take a look at what I was supposed to do for training, and what I actually did for training. I’m going to use this weekly recap of sorts as a place to not only hold myself accountable for the work I did for the week, but also to be able to evaluate the good and the bad. Let’s start with what I had written down on the schedule. I was supposed to do the following:
  • Swim: 6000 Yards
  • Bike: 5 hours
  • Run: 25 miles
  • Strength: 4 days
Now let’s look at what I actually did:
  • Swim: 5900 yards
  • Bike: 2.5 hours
  • Run: 29.54 miles
  • Strength: 1 day

The Good

I ran a good amount and I had good runs.  My 10 mile run was on point, I had a great 5 mile run off the bike and then I had an even better 4 mile run to end the week.  Swimming I all but nailed.  It was scheduled as 3 days with 2,000 yards each.  The first day I got cut short after 800 yards due to thunder.  Not good.  So I made it up with a 3,100 yard day and then today’s 2,000 yard straight swim to end it.  

The Bad

I didn’t bike near as much as I wanted to.  Instead of biking for 2 hours one day, I ran.  Another day I was supposed to bike for 90 minutes and I cut this short.  I really need to stop doing this to myself as I need to get the time on the bike.  More time on the bike equals faster times in races.  I know I cannot just sit on a bike for 4 hours straight, so I have to build to that.  Only biking for half of the time I was supposed to is going to make it that much harder.  Strength training was scheduled for 4 days and I did it once.  Most runners skip strength all together, but I have found it helps a lot.  Also I know that strength training will only help every aspect.  I need to stop skipping it and just do it.  The strength workouts are not that hard, nor are they that time consuming in the grand scheme of things, however when time is an issue, it is the first thing to go.  


This week I started off at a bloated 177.0lbs and a body fat percentage of 21.5%.  I say bloated because I ate a lot of bad things over the weekend and typically the weight drops off pretty quickly.  I’m ending the week weighing 175.4 and a body fat percentage of still 21.5%.  The body fat percentage was all over the place this week; as low as 20.4 and as high as 22.1.  I’m not too worried about the percentage as I know it will be dropping in time.  The goal is to be around 170lbs come race day (August 30th) and I am on track for that.  


Overall, I would say this was a decent week.  Next week is the last hard week before the race.  There are a couple of hard days time wise due to  school starting back up, but I will need to make it work.

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